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sagola 4500's

I have sagola 4500 extremes at very reasonable costs.i have the 1.3xl clear and the 1.4 clear.if interested give me a call 847-816-6058.thnxs guys,russ 4500[1].jpg



I like them alot better than iwata's.feel better in the HAnd more stout.not quite as fast as sata rp but of the gun finish is top notgh.these guns retail for 499.sold 2 to spi guys and they boyh told me they love em.
Only sprayed production 2100 a couple times and euro 5000 yesterday ,I like it for spi clears better than either my 2 iwatas(lph 400lv 1.4,w400lv 1.4) on large parts like hoods.
Still tinkering with it , but really like it. The iwatas spray really nice, but for my spraying style and the spi clear I think this going to be a winner.
My digital(2000)sata Rp 1.3 is probably going for sale , unless I keep it for single stage or sealer.
Satarules(Russ) gave me an excellent price and quick service. thanks again
that's what I'm here for brother.give the spi guys a excellent price for a quality gun.any questions give me a holler 847-816-6058,my business moto is just like uncle barriers give people a excellent product for a fair price
I bought one from Russ, and love it sprays the Universal Clear really nice. I just need to find the sweet spot were this gun needs to be set, RUSS what were your settings for this gun.
fan turned in just a pinch,fluid wide open and pressure 32 to 34 pounds works well for me.it's kinda like a sata open it up and play with the pressure for your speed and style.