'59 Corvette restomod


Do you feel pretty confident the two cars are going to bring what you want for them or close to it? No reserve seems sort of scary to me.:eek:

Great job on both of these cars BTW. Both look very nicely put together. (which isn't really easy to do)
Thanks Chris,
I think I'll get the most I can at the auction and believe the buyers will determine the value. No reserve is was brings the serious buyers. No unrealistic value set by the seller holding things up. BJ hasn't had a live auction in 9 months, so hopefully some pent-up demand.



Pretty bummed out about this one. Everyone that saw it said it was the prettiest car at the auction. I thought I checked all the boxes in the design except for the chassis, but thought everything else would trump not having an Art Morrison chassis. These cars are tough to get in and out of, so the buyers are limited. Still made out, but the hourly return was low. My first C1 car, so there was definitely a learning curve. 4 day vacation over, back at it on Monday.


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Building and selling cars at auction seems like a tough way to make a living. I would think that building for customers would be more profitable and less risk. At least that has been my experience but I’ve not built cars in this price range.