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  1. '68 Coronet R/T

    Counterfeit Sata Jet on Ebay

    Do you think it is an exact copy? Might be the only way I could afford a Sata. ;)
  2. '68 Coronet R/T

    Jumped the gun

    Not sure what others would do but if it were me, I would block the car with 80 grit using at least a 9" long sanding block. Bigger panels might use a 16" block. Let the paper do the cutting and change it often, don't press harder when the paper gets dull. Use the 2k that's on there as a guide...
  3. '68 Coronet R/T

    Sanding and polishing observations

    Depends on the size. Here's a link: https://www.autogeek.net/lake-country-wool-pads.html
  4. '68 Coronet R/T

    Sanding and polishing observations

    Yep, rotary and twisted wool!
  5. '68 Coronet R/T

    Whose catalyst/activator for Base coat?

    Glad to be of some service.
  6. '68 Coronet R/T

    Whose catalyst/activator for Base coat?

    I use SPI to activate base.
  7. '68 Coronet R/T

    Basecoat advice

    Automotive Art is what I use now for any color SPI doesn't sell. ;) It sprays and covers excellent and the color is consistent if you need to order more of the same code. Plus it mixes 1:1 so you get more bang for your buck.
  8. '68 Coronet R/T

    DA pad for clear coat sanding

    I use the same one and have for years now. Works fantastic.
  9. '68 Coronet R/T

    DA pad for clear coat sanding

    I highly urge you to try the M-100 compound by Meguiars. IMHO it beats the M-105 hands down plus it's not white and buffs clean.
  10. '68 Coronet R/T

    SPI black and Euro clear

    SPI black is so black it makes people notice. Once buffed it is like a mirror. Use it once and it will be your favorite black if black is what you truly want. Great job on that car!
  11. '68 Coronet R/T

    Best paint suit

    I bought one these years ago and still use it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Astro-4562-ReUsable-Coverall-Painters-Suit-Extra-Large-WASHABLE-AST-4562/232181769185?epid=658644148&hash=item360f1ca3e1:g:7D8AAOSwEzxYWrOK
  12. '68 Coronet R/T

    How much epoxy primer will I need?

    That's a fairly small vehicle so as Barry said, I would start with one gallon. The epoxy mixes 1:1 and will spray very well through a 1.4 tip adjusted like you would shoot a base coat. Applying too heavy can cause fisheyes so get your gun dialed in. I have a 1968 Plymouth GTX that I have...
  13. '68 Coronet R/T

    Tape for edges

    To be honest I don't tape edges. Just use care when wet sanding and make sure the buff is rotating off the edge and not into it.
  14. '68 Coronet R/T

    1972 B1 Blue Duster - Twister'ish

    Great job! Your daughter will treasure that ride for a long time.
  15. '68 Coronet R/T

    How much epoxy primer will I need?

    My tentative plan is as follows. Spot treat with Ospho any flash rusted areas While still wet wash thoroughly with water and a green Scotch-Brite. Sand everything accessible with 80 grit, and apply 2-coats? epoxy to the entire car. [2 coats is sufficient.] Sand w/80 grit, rough fill w/Rage...
  16. '68 Coronet R/T

    Ford black ua code vs SPI black base

    For comparison this is an F750 in the Ford UA Ebony Black. The hood and roof were they only parts repainted but it gives you an idea of how much blacker the SPI is.
  17. '68 Coronet R/T

    Parts assembly with Universal Clear

    The longer the better. Depending on how many coats and how heavy. If you get in a hurry and distort, indent or scratch the clear, you will be wishing you waited.
  18. '68 Coronet R/T

    1967 mustang fastback

    Black vehicles look fantastic when clean and shiny however they are a bear to keep that way. Having owned a few different black vehicles I now tend to shy away from that color choice. My SPI black Harley was a head turner but I was always detailing it. You will be glad you went with the...
  19. '68 Coronet R/T

    1968 Plymouth GTX

    The engine compartment in two coats of epoxy. Obviously still wet.