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    Metal Prep Question Prior to Epoxy.

    You left it wet too long. If you do the scotch pad scrubbing on the wet acid before starting to rinse, then when its ready all you have to do is rinse and dry. But you will still need to get it in epoxy the same day because you will have removed the zinc phosphate.
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    Metal Prep Question Prior to Epoxy.

    Ospho is formulated to leave a film after rinsing for rust protection, so when you are ready to rinse, you will get a cleaner rinse if you apply fresh ospho then use a red scotch pad to scrub the panel good to get all the acid in suspension before rinsing. Then its important to dry quickly and...
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    Setting Gaps

    Those gaps are original, the only thing I did was adjust, and they averaged (.187) plus or minus (.010) Your goal of 5 mm is (.197), and I presume that is 5mm after paint, so the rubber strips in the link would work good for you if you want something like that.
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    Setting Gaps

    I think the general rule is to start with door to quarter panel and work forward, however that is not set in stone. This car started out with very good gaps in the area shown here. But the door is too tight at the rear to the quarter panel. It doesn't make sense to mess with the gaps shown in...
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    50 fleetline

    Getting those accessories would be worth paying the freight to get it home. Top side of the car looks great.
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    Bought a new Sata digital off Ebay, just confirming it is legit.

    I bought one from the same ebay seller also, THANKS TO CHRIS HAMILTON
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    1967 mustang fastback

    Nice work, thanks for sharing.
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    Epoxy over lizard skin

    This may help Edit to start the video at the beginning
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    How to store a vehicle for future restore

    I have a couple cars in a semi trailer at an RV storage place, and checked on them last week after 20 years. I did some welding on one of them and ground in flat, but forgot to prime it before going in storage, those spots have some color now but its not rusting. I live in Michigan, but I think...
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    Paint Body On or Off Chassis?

    Very good write up Chris Hamilton, I would just add that if possible I would drill two 1/8" holes through each hinge and nut plate before final disassembly so the doors can be put back on at the same location.
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    Paint Body On or Off Chassis?

    Sounds like you know all the pros and cons, so I think you are the only one who knows whether or not you can do it. You didn't say if it is a solid color or metallic.
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    48 Cadillac Fastback

    They spent 7000 hours on it, I'm guessing that is probably close to a million or more in labor alone. I hope his wife enjoys it.
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    48 Cadillac Fastback

    I like it, I guess I'm more a custom guy than I knew, but I would not do something like that to a 57 chevy. I haven't seen any slicing and dicing on a 57 that I liked, but a morrison chassis and upgraded drive train would be a plus. I guess in just depends on the car, like a 50 mercury needs a...
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    48 Cadillac Fastback

    When moving away from original there is always the question of how far do I go, but I think this is what their customer wanted, and they did it perfectly. I noticed a 69 Camaro they did and that customer wanted the exterior left mostly original. Like Chip Foose, they use a lot of bondo, but the...
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    48 Cadillac Fastback

    I don't want to clutter up your thread Shine, so I will start a new one. I know you don't want to go this far, but you might get some ideas from this build. Even with all the work they did, it is just about perfect, even the body and paint. Chip Foose did a 65 Impala body on a new Corvette...
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    1968 Plymouth GTX

    Wow! Arizona cars are not what they use to be.
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    Shrink or stretch?

    A straight edge works great, but keep in mind that the panels are not flat, so you have to roll the straight edge slowly across the panel at different angles along the direction with the least crown. It doesn't work well on med-high crowns, and of course it has to be rigid. I have several...
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    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    That is an increase of just over 7%, it doesn't seem like much to me.
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    Lets build a perfect car

    I don't really know anything about the Porsches, I was just commenting on the way this one is hand built to perfection.
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    Lets build a perfect car

    Its a 911, but its not about the power, although it does have a little more than the regular production 911s, 607 hp-vs-580 hp. It is limited production (500) and its said that they don't make a profit on them, and at only $258,000 I believe it.