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  1. NYTrainer

    Needing any more epoxy? would split another gallon with you.

    Needing any more epoxy? would split another gallon with you.
  2. NYTrainer

    Uv clear?

    VOC's. Here's the product link.. https://www.southernpolyurethanes.com/products
  3. NYTrainer

    Compounds and glazes

    Funny how one tends to stick with what they're familiar with and in my case that's Meguiar's 105 and 205. Been using it for years and I "think" I'm happy with it lol. I've never been able to get away from a wool pad with 105 (I finish sand up to 2500 so using wool seems like I'm going...
  4. NYTrainer

    What is meant by Dwell time in regards to epoxies and primers?

    I always thought it referred to paint stripper..how long before paint bubbled up?
  5. NYTrainer

    kerosene heater

    Steve have you checked up at Calabro Airport. Close by. They should have K1 kero or equivalent.
  6. NYTrainer

    3M applicator wand Q

    I pm'ed you my cell #
  7. NYTrainer

    3M applicator wand Q

    Steve I have a body Shutz gun you can borrow to see if the wand fits. You can use it and return it if it fits. Then 1 day I just may ask to borrow the wand lol...
  8. NYTrainer

    Son's firsts

    Love it!
  9. NYTrainer

    Pickup hood in epoxy only

    I believe the black epoxy has some UV protection but if you are going to bother even sanding the hood and breaking out painting equipment for the epoxy why not blow some color on there too while you're at it? IMO even an iffy color match compared to the tops of the fenders and cowl would look...
  10. NYTrainer

    Public thank you

    Yes Chad, in the garage lol. He converted an old steel tub into a dip tank. Uses a propane burner underneath to bring up the temp of the water. He usually waits until he needs to dip a 1/2 dozen pieces before he "fires" it up. Real dip tanks big bucks but he'd be a pro at it with real equipment...
  11. NYTrainer

    Finished spraying my car, time to sand and buff. Just making sure I know what to do.

    Everyone has their favorite but I have been using Meguiars (105 followed by 205). If you have it already then use it. I also use their "Quik Detailer" before you can wax. Very satisfied whether it's fresh paint or just detailing with their products. I'm going to try Chemical guys next time I...
  12. NYTrainer

    Public thank you

    Labor Day bump. This year's F.D. raffles, that Donald donated, are longboard, Xbox console and 2 controllers. As you can see he added Hydrographics to his repertoire. The flags, circuit board and wood grain are hydro. Base coats courtesy Chad and clear is Euro.
  13. NYTrainer

    SPI Products on a guitar

    My son paint's a lot of wood products (skateboards, longboards, guitars) and uses the formula Bob mentioned above (usually automotive basecoats and not intercoat as much for the projects he does). One thing I noticed on the guitars (not super expensive ones) is that they seemed to be finished...
  14. NYTrainer

    Public thank you

    I know most posts on this site involve paint work to autos (restorations etc..) and not skateboards and guitars but I wanted to show Chad what my son was able to do, because of his help, with his charitable work. My son has also done some paint work on car parts. My son and I both have 68...
  15. NYTrainer

    Public thank you

    Just an update. My son (16 yo) is still using the paint Chad gave him and restored the guitar, in the attached pic, to raffle off at this year's Relay for Life (American Cancer Society). Aside from the actual guitar, primers, and clear donations helped make this happen. He hit the streets and a...
  16. NYTrainer

    correct process for painting stripes?

    I've done stripes like your pics show countless times on Chevelles, etc. and, when you are painting the whole car, your option #1 is the way I have always chosen to do them. A little tricky sometimes to reverse tape but easy enough to figure out. Not sure you are asking but here's how I would do...
  17. NYTrainer

    1.3 or 1.5 fluid tip for epoxy

    I use a Devilbiss FLG4 with 1.8 and 2.2 tips for regular, high build primers and poly primers. I've been using my basecoat gun (Techna) to shoot epoxy (most often mixed 1:1) because the tech sheet suggests a 1.4 tip and I use the black epoxy as a finish coat for most underhood components...
  18. NYTrainer

    AMD vs. Goodmark

    I've only used Dynacorn panels (though not for a Nova). Where do users rank their products?
  19. NYTrainer

    What is this on top of my epoxy primer?

    Yeah, I went back and read the reviews and one of the people posting a review said that the instructions said not for storage of solvent based paints:mad: With that info would epoxy be considered "solvent" based?
  20. NYTrainer

    What is this on top of my epoxy primer?

    Steve are these made for home use (like latex paints)? The pics on the site look like they may be a flimsy plastic? One's I had seen in the past were painted aluminum bodies IIRC. I'd imagine if you are using them it would be for solvent paints/primers. I'd like to try one out for use with the...