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  1. John Long

    Clear over DP-90?

    Even if the DPLF was still in good condition, he would need to sand it in order to get adhesion. That alone would prevent using clear to preserve it. John
  2. John Long


    Can you give us any advice on how large the order needs to be to get Jelly beans. All I have ever gotten is peanuts. Lots and lots of peanuts. To be honest with you they don't even taste good. They really make me thirsty. :-(( John
  3. John Long

    700 aint just for cars

    You guys just ain't right! :-))
  4. John Long

    SPI black and Euro clear

    That makes me want to paint the '53 black! Beautiful! John
  5. John Long

    Metal Prep Question Prior to Epoxy.

    Here I go again, jumping in where I don't belong. :) If you are going to use Ospho, the key is to neutralize it well. rinse with lots of water and NEVER let the Ospho dry. Personally, I like to use the Ospho mixed with sand blast media scrubbing it into the pit until they are bare metal. It...
  6. John Long

    PPG clear coat changed color/reflectance of silver met. paint

    I wonder Barry, If after they spotted in the scratch, they filled the gun with clear without cleaning the gun. Maybe thinking just a little silver left in the gun would not hurt anything. Just that little metalic in the clear could effect the reflective characteristics. I suspect we will never...
  7. John Long

    PPG clear coat changed color/reflectance of silver met. paint

    You stated above the car was painted apart like a propper restoration 4 years ago. I would suspect this is where your problem lies. I personally would never think of painting a silver car apart. There are to many reasons the metalic orientation could be different between panels and if I am...
  8. John Long

    Sanding 2200 matte clear

    The good news is you will only need one coat so dirt will not be as big of an issue. 15 minutes and it will flash off and be safe from dirt. I just went through this on my dash. End result was all I could want. John
  9. John Long

    Metal prep from blast to epoxy best way.

    You are correct. It takes only a few minutes to go over it with a DA and 80 grit. You will still have the great tooth for the primer but the metal will no longer grab your towel. It will also clean off any blasting residue. John
  10. John Long

    3M PPS Cups and Liners

    It seems to me, you might spray a product with the screen and have absolutely no issues. You might also have a little hogher viscosity with the next product you spray and have an issue when you least expect it. The screen is of no use for material that is properly mixed and filtered anyway so...
  11. John Long

    Is two coats of Wanda enough?

    I have shot Wanda base twice. Silver once and champaign once. Both times it looked like I had good coverage on the second coat but I did a third for peace of mind. John
  12. John Long

    Universal clear—model cars too

    That is amazing for sure! I personally would love to see some follow up pictures as you go. John
  13. John Long

    High Build urethane primer vs. Polyester primer

    As Chris said, Polyester can't be a quality moisture barrier. It is, after all, basically sprayable body filler. Any one who has done any bodywork at all knows body filler will absorb water like a sponge. There will be nothing but epoxy on my bare metal! John
  14. John Long


    Terry, With all due respect your question does not allow a good answer. If alchohol was the answer, nobody would use WAGR. The WAGR is designed to dry slowly so the contaminates are floated to the surface so they can be wiped off. A fast drying solvent will just move them around and put them...
  15. John Long

    SPI reducer / Prospray base.

    Interesting that this came up today. i went into Home Depot to buy some Gliddon paint today for my front porch. The sales person at the counter ask me when was the last time I used Gliddon. I replied it had been a good while but I always liked it. The Gentleman said he could, and would, sell me...
  16. John Long

    Messed up orders, call!

    Hmmmm, If I am going to get the orange peel for free why don't you go ahead and ship the juice with it? :-)
  17. John Long

    Metal prep in non seen areas

    I purchased a Speed Blaster about 5 years ago. It has a ceramic nozzle which I have never had to replace. For a 50 dollar spot blaster, I have been very happy with it. I would suggest not buying a blaster that did not have a ceramic nozzle...
  18. John Long

    Choosing a Paint

    I don't think mixing your own paint makes sense for a non professional that is not experienced but I will give you one good bit of advice. Absolutely do not pick a color from a chip chart. You can not visualize what the final product will be by looking at a 1" square chip. Finding a car that...
  19. John Long

    Another Goodguys winner

  20. John Long

    Be aware of car for-sale scams!.

    Obviously, someone needs a "Get out of Jail Free Card!" :)