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    PSA Paper?

    I use Norton. But, sometimes when it's cold out, I have to reactivate the adhesive for it to stick well.
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    You can add glaze to the filler. That helps reduce the pinholes from occurring.
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    Orange peel

    Dieback comes from what's under the clear.
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    Orange peel

    The tech manual says that the fan should be turned off within a minute,there is leeway here, of either spraying the last coat or after overspray is evacuated. This applies to all of the clears.
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    Paint gun

    They're not bad but certainly not a high priced/quality gun. I do like mine for primer. Primer ends up on the floor any way. Pretty low overspray,made to spray at 20psi. If you're doing small stuff, I think you'll like it.
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    Old Binks Lid

    Find someone that does 3D printing. Maybe they can replicate.
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    Why can I spray Euro not UC?

    Have you tried using a slower activator in the Universal?
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    Clear on Underside of Panels

    I was told to use activated intercoat clear to replicate the matte finish. Or, use the matte clear.
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    Is 320 too coarse for sanding clear flat?

    I get it. But, why risk it? Granted, tech manuals are conservatively written. Why not just get some 400 and see how it does? Why not start with 800? That may be good enough.
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    Is 320 too coarse for sanding clear flat?

    In an earlier post, Barry said: I don't put information in the tech manual just for fun.
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    Reduced epoxy for sealer sanding question.

    Dry sanding is less messy and you can see variations without needing to dry the panel. Then, once you're satisfied, wet sand for smoothing.
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    Shipping in the winter?

    I can't afford a down jacket, so, I made one out of the peanuts.
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    Retarder is just a slower reducer. Evaporates as much as everything else.
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    New Bumper Prep

    Anyone try this product? https://www.polyvance.com/Bumper-and-Cladding-Adhesion-Primer-Original/3604-4/
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    1968 Plymouth GTX

    I'm seeing another "Wagon Progress" Russian novel thread starting. Always fun to watch!
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    800 Grit or P800 Grit?

    Buy your supplies from body shop supplier and you'll get the right products.
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    Fixing runs in SPI Base before clear

    Page 10: We don't recommend 700 being used over fresh basecoat.
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    Fixing runs in SPI Base before clear

    Call Barry. Much faster then waiting for the forum to respond.
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    Fiberglass Jeep TOP

    SEM has a texture spray that you can vary the drop size by distance sprayed. Polyvance.com has a good hardset filler for SMC.