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  1. crashtech

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    I'm thinking that there are multilayer cardboard pads that could be pre-cut to fit the bottom of your boxes.
  2. crashtech

    Wagon Progress

    I've only ever made center consoles out of wood and/or fiberglass; that's some awe-inspiring craftsmanship!
  3. crashtech

    Regular Build 2k temps

    This is just me personally, but I just won't spray if surface temps can't be maintained above 65°. There are too many potential problems, like solvent trapping and very slow curing. I suppose if the primer is going to sit for weeks of months it's not as much of an issue, but generally it's so...
  4. crashtech

    Fiberglass pockets

    Sometimes taking an old knife and beveling out the edges of the holes while scratching up the interior of the holes can give enough grab for a good poly putty. The whole area should be sanded slightly lower than the surroundings before putty so that the putty looks like a continuous patch when...
  5. crashtech

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    I wonder if that contraption that folds the flat cardboard into triangles is expensive? It looks pretty neat actually, the flat stock takes up much less space than the equivalent foam peanuts. They claim to make a product that is suitable for heavy things like motors, too, which would probably...
  6. crashtech

    Old Binks Lid

    No, I would go to my jobber and see what's closest. There might be some modification involved.
  7. crashtech

    Old Binks Lid

    It might not be worth messing with. Seems like adapting the threads to a modern cup would be the best solution moving forward, then replacement lids would be easily obtainable.
  8. crashtech

    Another weld through primer thread

    The recommendations from OEMs are in regards to work performed after vehicles leave the factory, in repair environments where protective coatings get damaged or removed.
  9. crashtech

    Stumped On A Clear Coat Defect

    That CC200 is a new extreme speed clear and might be the source of the trouble. If I was using S-W or had a bunch of UH80 to use up, I'd get the older fast clear instead, CC931. S-W actually had (has?) a process where CC931 and CC950 can be blended depending on job size and how you want it to...
  10. crashtech

    Preferred Media

    I'm not an expert, but as far as I know, the bulk of crushed glass is made up of beverage bottles.
  11. crashtech

    Preferred Media

    Coal slag contains heavy metals and is even slightly radioactive. Not enough to be harmful, but I found that an interesting fact. Crushed glass may not be marketed by traditional blast media sellers, but it can sometimes be found by looking up recyclers. Usually there is too much glass for...
  12. crashtech

    Epoxy Primer Tempature

    I have to think that this is highly dependent on many factors. In my environment, I have tested it myself, and when, for instance, it's -5° F outside in a poorly insulated building, air temperature does not correspond with panel temperature at all, because surfaces are able to radiate heat...
  13. crashtech

    Epoxy Primer Tempature

    There's at least two reasons to have raised the minimum from 60° to 65°, first is that many people will think air temperature equals panel temperature, which it doesn't usually, and second because there is a lot of variation in thermometers. Most of us that have used the epoxy for a long time...
  14. crashtech

    New Bumper Prep

    If they are OEM, your procedure is spot on. But aftermarket bumper primer lets go sometimes. We have to be very careful ever doing those because customers don't understand that it wasn't your products or procedures at fault. It's still your fault regardless.
  15. crashtech

    Universal Clear Painting Temperatures

    @Steves69LS3 , very interesting! Do you feel the air quality was acceptable while that was in operation? Do you have a CO detector?
  16. crashtech

    Universal Clear Painting Temperatures

    Diesel #1 if available or winterized diesel (mix of #1 and #2) will burn a little cleaner than #2 diesel, just my 2c.
  17. crashtech

    PPG....well that sucks!

    I don't know much, but in a city the size of SF you ought to be able to find a bunch of jobbers with pretty much every brand under the sun, as long as it's compliant, and nearly every brand has something that is compliant, or water. So saying there is only SW and PPG is almost certainly not...
  18. crashtech

    Painting in cold

    I guess I can be glad that those 5KW heaters only cost about 50 cents an hour to run where I live.
  19. crashtech

    1968 Olds 442

    Thanks, I guess I missed the part where you said it was going to get new quarters!
  20. crashtech

    Clear coming off...and lots of wax

    I never have problems with wax. I do have problems with rigs that seem like they've been dipped in a vat of silicone just prior to arriving. That sh*t is the devil.