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  1. John Long

    Using Kitty or Tiger Hair to Fill/Bridge Cancered Area ??????

    Hopefully we are not being trolled but if OP is sincere, I am going to offer my opinion after saying I agree this is not an acceptable repair in this day and time. With that said Tigerhair is a polyester resin and not very strong. If, and only if, you can get to the back side of this panel to...
  2. John Long

    Paint gun

    Hope you like yours as much as I do mine. :-)
  3. John Long

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    From what I understand, only if you eat them.........:-)
  4. John Long

    Fixed a little rust

    Thanks for asking but not much to offer. I have used my five minutes a day to finish plumbing the brakes, install the fuel tank, paint and install the driveshaft. I did also finish rebuilding and painting the steering column. and have mocked up the front fenders. I have to decide where and how...
  5. John Long

    Meco Torch

    It has been years since i did anything with my Henrob but if I remember correctly the pressure settings were very low for both Oxygen and Acetylene. Something like three pounds as I remember. What pressure does the Meco Torch operate at. John
  6. John Long

    Paint gun

    Ditto to the above. I used cheap guns for years. Yes, they work. But after buying my LPH400 1.4, I would hate to go back. I like it a lot. I bought mine a year ago from Amazon for $359 but I do think they have gone up some. John
  7. John Long

    High build primer question

    That leak is caused by the packing nut being loose. Not always but more often than not, you can tighten the packing nut and fix that leak. If you don't, not only will it leak, it will spit as you paint. John
  8. John Long

    Crazyhorse ShopTtruck

    OK..... What's next? Your gonna get too old to build that keeper! :-))
  9. John Long

    Light dust. California Car Duster or Griots Speed Shine and new MF towel?

    I use both detailer and the duster. The duster is great for just that... Dust. It won't remove bugs, water spots or anything else that is stuck to rhe car. I use detailer, (right now Chemical Guys) on my car every week or two in the summer time when I am driving it. The duster is run over the...
  10. John Long

    Light dust. California Car Duster or Griots Speed Shine and new MF towel?

    My car is a very dark midnight blue. The California Duster is a great tool to remove the pollen and dust that settles on the car sitting in the garage or at a cruise in. They work great, But.........They contain a waxy substance to help them pick up the dust. They have no place in or around auto...
  11. John Long

    Clear on Underside of Panels

    I was very impressed with the durability of the SPI dark base with 2 oz of hardner PSQ. I did clear the bottom of the floors but just added a slight bit more hardner for the top side since they will not see the light of day. The truth is I really like the semi gloss shine but did not expect it...
  12. John Long

    What is the best way to prepare sandblasted sheet metal for SPI epoxy?

    I like to go over with 80 on DA also. It gives me confidence the residue from blasting is removed and lint will not be pulled from rag while cleaning with W&G remover. John
  13. John Long


    Very impressive. Glad you posted. The GM Black Saphire is indeed a beautiful color. I used it on my '57 Olds. I got a lot of nice comments. John
  14. John Long

    Epoxy adhesion

    Yup. Same thing. This set just happened to be made in the forties for vacuum tube holes in radio chassis. John
  15. John Long

    Flat Hood Weld Repair

    I hope no one thinks I am trying to steel your thread but this may clarify what I am trying to explain. Here is a door skin I wheeled for a car I am building. It is very low crown and any shrinkage is going to pull distortion into the door. BTW, I intentionally placed the seam where it is to be...
  16. John Long

    Flat Hood Weld Repair

    You are correct. Generally the weld is planished after it is rough ground, being left slightly proud. If you weld your tacks really hot with very short bursts there will not be as much to grind and your penetration issues will deminish also.
  17. John Long

    Flat Hood Weld Repair

    If you properly planish the weld but not the surrounding material the butt gap will not close up. That is the key to knowing you are doing it correctly. If you have to cut open the gap, the panel is drawing on you and you are not successfully planishing the welds. I am pleased you were able to...
  18. John Long

    Flat Hood Weld Repair

    That's a tough question Donny. I am skeptical to be honest. Without being able to see it, it is hard to say. At this point you have nothing to loose. In the future though, the key is to never let it get out of shape. Planish as you go to relieve the stress and keep it in shape. Removing the skin...
  19. John Long

    Flat Hood Weld Repair

    Any time you weld a patch the weld seam, as well as the surroundind heat effected zone (HAZ) will shrink as the metal cools. The method of controlling this is to planish (hammer on dolly) the weld and HAZ area in order to stretch the area back to it's origional size. I generally grind, planish...
  20. John Long

    Wanda basecoat

    I have used Wanda base twice. Metalic silver and light metalic Champaign. I was very pleased with coverage both times. John