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  1. Barry

    Tech Line Update.

    Guys, this has been brought up before but with all the new shops we have in the last 6 months and the fact that December and January should be slow and we have been swamped as well as the Tech line is sometimes 1 to 4 calls behind from being returned. IF I DON'T answer, it may be I'm on phone...
  2. Barry

    Problem with clear getting hard

    I have never used the production or 5000 except for testing when we make a batch, my test is one coat so don't know. Usually these two clears in a production shops are never applied more than 2 coats so they are getting hard fast. Only thing I can say is a shop did used production on a show...
  3. Barry

    Using Kitty or Tiger Hair to Fill/Bridge Cancered Area ??????

    Just to throw out cor another option. Around 1980 I did a 70 Trans am and at the time for the life of me could not get a new fender. So I wanted the shape to be perfect and where the problem was, I was concerned about cutting and welding, I knew I could do it perfect but worried i might change...
  4. Barry

    Problem with clear getting hard

    Rule of thumb for each coat of clear you can leave a thumb nail mark for just less than a month. (not true with production clears or low solids) Six coats on a black driven a weekend a month I could finger nail about 5.5 months, the nine coat one was right at 9 months. It means nothing as can...
  5. Barry

    Fiberglass pockets

    I have with rare exceptions always used it over the epoxy, if repairing a 62 vette damaged panel I usually apply direct. When I grind out bonding strips I use 2 or 3 coats epoxy first, then VPA.
  6. Barry

    Fiberglass pockets

    Wow all the vettes I have done over the years, that looks bad. Personally after heat gun and sanding I would do 2 coats epoxy and next day VPA due to strength. Other option is VPA without epoxy but just not sure with matting showing as never tried that before.
  7. Barry

    Oh No

    Never use fisheye in any primer or basecoat..
  8. Barry

    PSA Paper?

    Indasa red rolls in 80, 180, 320. These are not da paper as use the velcro but these are the long rolls for blocking. Not sure this is what your referring to.
  9. Barry

    Rod Radiators

    All the work we do in engine compartments, the last thing I would want is a radiator to have a name on top. Would not think that I'm the only idiot to think this way.
  10. Barry


    Only a matter of time, not if but when.
  11. Barry


    The last time i was in the shop, I'm guessing 10 years ago, maybe longer and looked at one of the boats being built it was amazing the perfection and detail. The paint work itself is only perfection and nothing less.
  12. Barry

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    All the laws seem to have or most of them a 6 month forgiveness to get rid of what you have in stock, as much as we ship we will be converted in about two weeks easily with the peanuts and not sure how many pre-cut bottom pads we have left but they won't last long.
  13. Barry


    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adrenaline-Power-Boats/1658422847747162 I was talking to Mike the owner of Adrenaline boats the other day, he has been an SPI customer since he start the company I would guess 18-20 years ago. Long story short years back they bought a computer run CNC and jig...
  14. Barry

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    We are talking to our box company now, may be to much cost. Year's ago all we did was a layer of nuts and worked great.
  15. Barry

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    We are in, the white bags are the legal peanuts and we got 60 bag of pink illegal peanuts. The 2 sizes of foam we have cut is getting low and won't be reordering.
  16. Barry

    Regular Build 2k temps

    60 I would say now "very good idea" for polar to be used, 65 or above only if you need to rush something with the 2K primers. Just watch your pot life if polar is added.
  17. Barry

    Single Stage pot life?

    Gel time on most SS's are 250 mins to 400 mins. Spi's are in the 300 range.
  18. Barry

    Polyester primer recoat window?

    You can go right to sealer.
  19. Barry

    Packing peanuts ban 2019

    In my research eggs, came up a lot, not sure about all city's but restaurants and egg packers were going to get killed in most city's.
  20. Barry

    Clearing over decals. And lettering over clear?

    Use intercoat for sign painting. give base 24 hours then apply the decal