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    Another weld through primer thread

    Guys you would not believe some of the calls i get on tech line, example, I was told to use 2k direct to metal urethane primer and do all my body work over it??? Or i went to a paint school (those who can do those who can't teach) mainly to find out how to do my old vette as our shop never does...
  2. Barry

    Another weld through primer thread

    I question the medallion weld through being state of art as weld through primer is nothing but Zinc and aerosol propellant. normally 90% to high 90's in Zinc, the more Zinc the less sparks. Now someone has come out with a copper that all my reading is not as good. Only a few months ago i read...
  3. Barry

    SS over epoxy in jambs and T-tops

    Best bet is epoxy one day and next day use you SS. You said T-tops, so if a gm earlier than 1988 it may be lacquer and that if so the lacquer needs to go.
  4. Barry

    Shooting Duracryl over 2K primer-any tips?

    You can seal with epoxy at 25% and than spray the lacquer in about 4 hours if you wish. You can spray over the 2k primer but make sure you sand the primer the same day you base it. 870 will work fantastic in the lacquer.
  5. Barry

    Using Epoxy Full Strength, Then Reduced, Same Batch?

    You sure can, done all the time.
  6. Barry

    Triumph Spitfire Restoration Using SPI Exclusively

    All is looking real good!!!
  7. Barry

    Blending single stage

    Exactly same procedue. I have instructions catalog under blending solvent.
  8. Barry

    Poly primer?

    WELL, they have in the past said you could paint over it also with base, so I leave that of too you to take it for what that statement is worth. Personally, if just a normal everyday job us it over bare metal, if a valuable car use over epoxy.
  9. Barry

    OEM orange peal quiz

    Lexus in past at the plant years back were wet-sanding clear and sending back through to re-clear, don't know if they still do or not. A lot of the problem is cheapness on applying paint, think about it! If you can save a quart per car over say 3 million cars a year, that makes bean counters...
  10. Barry

    Problem decklid

    Been there before and I have solved the problem with either a shrinking disk and or torch and wet rang to shrink the metal.
  11. Barry

    Axalta solvent base coat

    Well, simple test spray some and wetsand with any grit you want, rebase and clear. be fair let it set few days and use 2" tape and see if pulls off. Hope they did correct ,,,,BUT????!!!! I'd have to see it.
  12. Barry

    Clearcoating Bed wood

    Best that could be done is color of the activator a light root beer-color.
  13. Barry

    2K Primer shelf life

    Only if as I figured from post it has been setting for a while, unopened should be fine but open primer activator once can is below the 50% mark can go down hill faster than other types. It really a crap shoot, we just used one on neighbor dune-buggy that i had in basement for three years but it...
  14. Barry

    Axalta solvent base coat

    That is a perfect question for their tech line, maybe age changes it and the old clear drew it out, I don't have a clue.
  15. Barry

    Epoxy Primer Shelf Life

    We can test but it will take a 2 coat spray and then testing over 3 to 4 days. Do on flat panel and we will need a razor scraper for each of the 3 day testing.