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    Matte clear with Hot rod black

    Any automotive brand of paint will work and no do not put matte clear over the matte black.
  2. Barry

    Epoxy Primer Dry Spray

    If next step is 2K primer then do not sand just apply the primer, you have nothing to worry about if primer is next step. Reason we don't want to sand is one it will make no difference and second we want the mils of the epoxy.
  3. Barry

    Devilbiss Pro Lite from China?

    Run screaming???? That is the first thing that comes to my mind.
  4. Barry

    Epoxy in the sun

    4 hours will not kill the open-coat time as we do this in the cold a lot to get the epoxy curing. In a perfect world you would at least have heat to 65 that night.
  5. Barry

    Clear over wrap?

    No adpro!
  6. Barry

    FedEx Ground For The Win

    We ship 95% FedEx BUT we have people in some areas that hate them so we mark the file UPS only, ITS YOUR CHOICE!!! Post office is a no-no with this stuff.
  7. Barry

    Clear over wrap?

    If clean use the universal and it will be fine but like Dave said, clear can't do anything for the bubbles over rivets but that don't apply too your job.
  8. Barry

    69 camaro

  9. Barry

    Another epoxy as sealer question

    Either way I would spot the bare metal with epoxy, from looking at the fender i would guess you than need 3 more coats of 2k primer to clock again just to be safe.
  10. Barry

    Spot Paint on 20 year clear coat

    No reason at all you cant do it. Only problem i see is remember black is one of the hardest colors to match, so try and find out what was used and buy that base code.
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    New and needed badly.

    Great idea, maybe take a 5 gallon bucket fill with water, leave water in sun a day then put 2 or 3 packets of yeast in it and than a few different roils in put a top on and see.
  12. Barry

    Tekna basecoat gun

    No doubt I have talked to 100's that have used it and have never heard a negative word.
  13. Barry

    Mipa Paint

    First, never have seen the 999 but in Canada a while back there were some adhesion problems over my 2K primers in production shops, that had done every thing right. Finely one of the shops was told you must use a sealer under the 999 or it will have problems and this did solve all the problems...
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    New and needed badly.

    OK lets get a toilet paper edumacation!! LOL Did you know there are two types or was a few years back, one is for septic tanks that is made to break down faster, yes this was true but maybe they are all the same now as I'm sure the city's wanted the stuff they got to break down faster. I do get...
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    New and needed badly.

    All I'm familiar with are nylon or similar type materials they and yes they do remove oil vapors, it not they are a waste of money. Charcoal type I don't know as new to me. Also I just checked 2 of my 3 DAD-500s and you are right the first strainer is the water as bronze than the oil-C and than...