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    2k Curing

    Over kill would be leave heat on for 12 hours after shooting but make sure metal temp is good before you do.
  2. Barry

    Epoxy Over Old Paint

    As long as the original was not lacquer paint, you good to go.
  3. Barry

    GM Butternet Yellow WA3313??

    I'm not a yellow fan BUY this is the one yellow from the 60's that I loved. Made this color for years but just did not sell enough to continue, very disappointed
  4. Barry

    Math will save your Life

    1969 got a job at a drug store 4-10 at night after school, $1.35 an hour!!! Put up stock and they really took a liking to me, even offered to pay for college if I want to be a Pharmacist. So after 6 months I was dispensing pills running the cash register but the best education i ever received...
  5. Barry

    Math will save your Life

    Since i drive so much i stop at a lot of macdonalds for coffee to go use to give some change to make it easier on them but no longer do that. 1.37 and give the. 2.17, holy crap all you get is a blank stare.
  6. Barry

    Hand hammered Louvers

    wow, nice work.
  7. Barry

    Math will save your Life

    I thought it was 2nd or 3rd grade we had to know the tables to 10x10 not sure when but remember it took me about 2 weeks.
  8. Barry

    Wandabase substrate prep.

    My thought if i was doing would be don't care as i may stop with 320 dry 9 times out of 10 but than spraying a coat of epoxy sealer. So don't matter. Their directions confuse me as to why. Once again if doing a sealer it takes care of the confusion
  9. Barry

    Complete Paint Strip - Rotissorie Resto

    I would never try to do inside and out with paint stripper, i could not began to guess how many hours you would have in this cleaning every square inch. Me it would be blasted or dipped and i bet it would be cheaper and better than using stripper.
  10. Barry

    Math will save your Life

    I think its for a reason, no history, economics or real math is being taught. Love whatever that building was suppose to be.lol
  11. Barry

    Math will save your Life

    1:1 you would have had 3 quarts left over!
  12. Barry

    Never use detail towels.

    Always go to an automotive paint store any they have will work but stick with the blue or white color. I always buy the blue thinks its called professional or similar too for base an clear.
  13. Barry

    Never use detail towels.

    They are a very big problem due too the chemicals used in them, I'm sure it vary s by manufacturer but don't know and don't care as most calls i assume problem is something else and it takes me 30-45 minutes too figure out. This problem is barely beating out the 2nd problem I get and that is...
  14. Barry

    Never use detail towels.

    Guys just a reminder when you are washing a car with wax and grease remover never ever use a detail rag as shown in picture! Just had another issue this week where a guy who does everything by the book had a couple of areas where the epoxy wanted to jump off the car when sprayed and rest of car...
  15. Barry

    2K Prime not bonding to 1 piece

    WOW! This is a head scratchier! Don't know enough to even guess, raw metal, over sanded paint? Pictures would help as I don't know where to start.